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Written by Administrator YVI   
I have just returned from Haiti and it was a trip that I have been needing to go on. In 2006 our crusade director Terry Henshaw

was visiting the Pastors preparing for the Crusade from Victory Christian Center the Pastors from Haiti ask for help with there youth from their churches at 13, 14, and 15 years of age they start leaving the churches and never come back. This is the same thing that happenens in Braisil, Africa, and the rest of the world in most of the churches so some of the Pastors are looking for help to find out what they need to do to keep and deciple there youth. So In 2006 Youth Vision went to Haiti to give Vision and some training how to empower their Youth. I did a Pastors and leaders training there with 600 leaders a met some great Pastors and Leaders. And there was on Pastor that we started to help with some things for his church for two years then the earth quake hit and he had over 71 orphan children sleeping on his church floor after losing their parents. Pastor Toto called us for help and we started helping to feed the children and finally I was able to go a see the children and how they are doing. Pastor Rod Baker with Victory Christian Center built three homes for the fatherless children in Saint George which was a great blessing. I have some pictures of the orphan children and the homes Victory built for them. And also the Victory Compasion compound where all the homes are built to take out to assemble at the different locations around Haiti for the children and Pastors. Also there are pictures of the restovics which are children that were sold to slavery to work for families and also to be sexually abused by their owners. What a tradgeity if we do nonthing to help these children that belong to are Heavenly Father.
There is something we can always be doing, helping those that can not pay us back..

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